Unsurprising News of the Day

Being told that there is corruption and bribery in FIFA is a bit like being told there is organized crime involved in New Jersey garbage hauling.  But it is nice to see some progress being made in rooting it out.


  1. SamWah:

    One wonders why the US in involved, and if as many as 1000 Americans even care. I'm for it, as our DOJ is at least a miniscule amount distracted from doing us harm.

  2. mesaeconoguy:

    Thank God the DOJ was all over this, instead of prosecuting Jon Corzine...

  3. Mercury:

    There are also rumors that soccer is a boring and pointless. Blue ribbon panel to be appointed shortly. :)

  4. Daublin:

    One theory about U.S. involvement is to push back against Russia and Qatar, who are currently slated to host the next two World Cups. A possible outcome of these efforts is that the hosting sites will need to be negotiated from scratch, with a new round of bidding.

    Like with Saddaam Hussein, the U.S. feds have had this card in their hand forever, knowing that the foreign institution is corrupt. I have no real evidence to back this up, but it's possible they are playing this card now for some sort of strategic reason. For a long time now, major U.S. agencies seem to make moves on behalf of the president, rather than what is supposed to be their nominal mission.