Things I Didn't Know: Contact Congress by Fax

I am sending a letter to my Senator.  My attorney recommended the following:

you may want to send the letter by fax, because when you send it by mail it goes to a processing place first to make sure there is no white dust in the envelope and takes a long time to get the Senator’s office.


  1. DCspotter:

    Well... the information I have is 2-3 years old, anyhow, the House and the Senate are (were?) in this big project to digitize everything so any letter you send actually will get scanned and added to their CMS and viewed online. So, yes, the attorney is partially right that the mail will be slower for the powder-checking but also for the scanning and sorting as well....

  2. Matthew Slyfield:

    Fax?? In this day and age? You can reach your Senator by email too.

  3. Fred_Z:

    I once read that elected officials paid the most attention to handwritted or type letters and the least to emails, on the basis that only people who felt strongly took the time to write formally should be treated seriously. Too many emails involve quick and dirty efforts with flash in the pan thinking.

  4. ColoComment:

    Let us know if you get any response to your letter & how long it takes & whether the response is any more than a form letter. A form response is all you ever get when you email. "Thanks for contacting me. I am very interested in your opinion... yadda, yadda." Yeah sure you are.

  5. James:

    On multiple occasions I have e-mailed my congress persons. I initially received the acknowledgement form letter, but on every occasion I have also received a response by mail from them also. e-mail works just fine at least in my district.

  6. Isaac Laviton:

    That is so funny :)

    I never thought they can even respond to this. But anyway, I didn't know either I should send them a fax.Thank you.