Couldn't They Make This Guy Look Any More Like A Wermacht Panzer Commander?



  1. OttoMaddox:

    They could have hung an Iron Cross around his neck.

  2. aczarnowski:

    Might be a problem with the photo timing. We can't see his boots...

  3. Wilhelm Arcturus:

    The helmet straps make me think "Fallschirmjäger," but yes, he has that "Drang nach Osten" look to him.

  4. Ulrich:

    Sorry, it's "Wehrmacht". Great Photo, though.

  5. chembot:

    They definitely need a spokesman. Fortunately the kinder face of authority is here!

  6. mlhouse:

    Achtung Panzer!

  7. Fred_Z:

    Were he a Wehrmacht Panzer commander the riots would have been over very, very quickly.

  8. Jim Collins:

    It's all in the spin. They want to make it look like they had to bring in the military to suppress the rights of those poor innocent protesters. What got me was how much the news communists, I mean commentators were enjoying the riots.

  9. richard66:

    wermacht ==> wehrmacht