Awesome Homemade Donuts, Gluten Free Too

After dissing the Food Babe in the last post, I guess I need to recover some karma.  The whole gluten-free thing has been justly skewered (e.g. here) because the vast majority of people who want to live gluten-free have no biological justification for doing so.    That being said, there are people who are legitimately gluten-intolerant, like my mother-in-law.

When she visited, I knew nothing about gluten-free stuff.  But I bought this home-made gluten-free donut mix and a donut baking pan from Amazon based on the reviews.  Well, screw the gluten-free part, these things were awesome.  And really easy to make.  No vats of oil, they are just baked.  Recommended even for us wheat-eaters.


  1. irandom419:

    Yes, but for those with Celiac disease it helps us by expanding the market.

  2. Don:

    For what it's worth, after I followed an Adkin's style diet for about 6 months, I found that eating large amounts of wheat products (bread, pasta, pizza crust,etc.) give me severe heart burn. Never had the problem before that.

  3. Highway:

    There is also another sensitivity to wheat that some with IBS may have, that people are finding relief from symptoms by going to a low FODMAP diet, and a sugar associated with wheat is one of the problematic ones (gluten is a protein). Gluten-free products help those people avoid that particular sugar. And as random419 says, it helps to expand the market for people with sensitivities.

  4. jimbeaux:

    The product has great reviews on Amazon, but $10 for twelve donuts is a bit pricey for this penny-pincher!