My Last Run

Well, that is kind of over-dramatic.  I will certainly continue to run sometimes.  I really enjoy running in cities where I travel as much as an exploration tool as for exercise.  But my knees are shot and I barely got through the half-marathon last weekend in 3 hours.  We had a great time though and Disney does a great job running these races.  And just about everyone wears costumes, which is fun.   It was worth the pain to do this event one last time with my daughter before she goes off to college.  Plus I now have another really awesome princess medal.

princess run-2


  1. Tanuki Man:

    Have you considered biking? It's a lot of fun and not nearly as bad on the joints.

  2. Mike:

    You both look great and it is inspiring me to do more jogging. the biking point below is a pretty good one, though I don't know how common bike lanes are to be found in Arizona.

  3. HenryBowman419:

    It's a bitch getting old, right, Warren? More seriously, as Tanuki Man has noted, biking is less severe on the knees., though it depends upon how much you do. My brother-in-law lives in Tempe and bikes about 8 mi each way to work each day: he doesn't even own a car. His knees are shot by now, unfortunately. He needs either the rooster comb treatment or something more serious,

  4. Nehemiah:

    While getting my broken collar bone xrayed, the tech said bike accident right. I said yes. He said that in his experience the number reason for broken collar bones is bike accidents followed closely by car accidents where the seat belt broke the collar bone.

    My biking days are over.