Regulatory Deception

Kevin Drum quotes Politico about a coming series of Administration environmental diktats:

...The administration was committed to its upcoming deadlines many months ago, in some cases under court order, after postponing a number of the actions until after the 2012 or 2014 elections. Now that Obama is almost out of time, they’re coming all at once.

The whole "under court order" and "our of time" thing is an scam.  The Administration colludes with environmental groups to sue them demanding some regulation the Administration wants but knows it can't get through the regular legislative or regulator process.  The Administration immediately rolls over in the suit and settles, agreeing to implement the regulation it wanted in the first place.  Then it can claim the settlement of the court suit "requires" them to proceed with these regulations.  I can't tell if I should be embarrassed for the reporter writing this that they are so ignorant of how these suits work or angry that the reporting is essentially colluding in this deceptive practice.

I often wonder if Democrats really believe they will hold the White House forever.  I suppose they must, because they seem utterly unconcerned, even gleeful in fact, about new authoritarian Presidential powers they would freak out over if a Republican exercised.

Coyote's first rule of government authority:  Never support any government power you would not want your ideological enemy wielding.


  1. Stephen_Macklin:

    Be angry. The reporter is explicitly colluding in this deceptive practice.

    When in doubt - assume the media is in collusion. You will rarely find yourself wrong.

  2. Sam L.:

    I go with Collusion. Likely ignorant, too.

  3. bigmaq1980:

    "Never support any government power you would not want your ideological enemy wielding."

    Well said. I often point out to folks (who purport to be for "liberty") that every time they say "there ought to be a law ...(add in favorite issue here)..." they are, in effect, playing into a legal arms race with the other party (usually the Dems).

    In the end, we incrementally create our own shackles for those in power to use.

    The meme in the MSM is that unless Congress "does something" they are "dysfunctional". Doing nothing is a valid choice, particularly when faced with doing something that one thinks will cause more overall damage.

    The opportunity to use that choice was built into the three part deliberative process, requiring agreement of House, Senate, and POTUS - something that Obama has and will bypass with this regulatory lawfare and executive orders.

    It is falling apart before our eyes.

  4. mesaeconoguy:

    Dumbasscraps do believe they will hold the White House forever, because they likely will.

    They have succeeded in The Big Lie, deceiving enough people and creating enough dependency where they will win national office perpetually.

    The voting public is exceedingly stupid, as one Mr. Gruber has observed….

  5. Not Sure:

    "The voting public is exceedingly stupid, as one Mr. Gruber has observed….

    If enough of the voting public are getting checks from the government...

  6. mahtso:

    Sadly, it is not only those who "are getting checks," but also Republicans who would rather stay home than vote for e.g., Mitt Romney because he isn't conservative enough.

  7. Mercury:

    Mercury's first rule of political authority:

    Ever larger government means that the two parties in a two party system will converge on a single party system.

    -Quick, name three major difference between the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK.

  8. Matthew Slyfield:

    Be wary and be vigilant. When it collapses we will have the opportunity to start over from a blank slate.

  9. bigmaq1980:

    I highly doubt that the other side of a collapse will greet us with renewed freedoms.

    Instead, collapse breeds demagogic tyrants with a public that loses all rationality in their desperation for someone who promises to "do something" to "solve" their problems.

    I worry that people give up too easily, without a fight, in the hopes that a collapse will somehow bring about the change they desire.

  10. Matthew Slyfield:

    Yes, that is a danger.

    I only said that there would be a moment of opportunity. I never said it would be easy or it would happen with out a fight or that we would be guaranteed success.

    I am not quite ready to give up on the existing system, but for those of us who desire true liberty, hope grows dim that worthwhile change is possible without completely sweeping aside the existing system.

    It will difficult and painful, but significant change is always difficult and painful.

  11. bigmaq1980:

    True, it COULD be an opportunity. Too many stars have to line up perfectly, IMHO. For starters, I don't see any "New Founding Fathers" on the horizon.

    The thing is, sadly, many are giving up (often to become "preppers"). I doubt many of these folks devoted much effort in effecting change relative to the energy and resources devoted to their preps.

    If we are not united now, how will all these people in their own little groups all get united to have the strength to bring about change out of the chaos (when the SHTF)?

    Sorting out who is a good honest leader vs a tyrant wannabe is orders of magnitude more difficult in these circumstances. There are many charlatans who talk "liberty", but simply want power (left and right) - one need only observe the language used by today's leaders of countries that have experienced political crisis - e.g. Kirschner in Argentina. The end result does not have to be completely totalitarian for us all to be sc****d.

    The effort, risk, and pain is far less if we are united in working to get it all back on track now - even as far down the path as we are.

  12. Curtis:

    Obey the law when you 'feel' like it or not at all. Law seems so discretionary these days.

  13. mesocyclone:

    Democrats know that as long as the media, universities and hollywood are there to shill for them, the Republicans will have great trouble undoing the mess, even if we control congress and the white house.

  14. dicentra:

    "I often wonder if Democrats really believe they will hold the White House forever."

    They don't need to. The regulatory apparatus they leave behind keeps the seat warm for them between elections. FDR explicitly outlined that strategy, to make permanent changes while they're in office, changes that cannot be undone by the GOP.

    He was exactly right. Name one New Deal or Great Society or gubmint agency that's been undone after getting root in the soil.

  15. Colin Campbell:

    As a student of Hitler Germany, I can agree that's it in a nutshell.