Much Better Performance on Mobil Devices for Coyoteblog

With the help of several readers, I did a revamp on some of my site code that I think substantially fixed performance on mobile devices -- in particular, the large right hand margin that made the site really small is gone.  The site scales well to most of the devices I have tried, and as a bonus I learned enough about putting mobile code in CSS that the font for the main post section (not the margins) should increase automatically now on small, high density screens.


  1. Tanuki Man:


  2. marque2:

    Hmm, I still see the right hand bar. I am chrome on a Nexus 4. Hmm, as I mentioned before - in landscape mode, you actually have one of the better sites. In landscape mode I can see two lines of text. Marketwatch and CNET as examples of large sites - expand their banner when commenting so it is impossible to see what is typed in landscape mode.

    In portrait mode you can see the two lines, but then it is difficult to type without making an extraordinary number of typos.

  3. Earle:

    Heh, I would have thought Exxon devices would have been the ones to enjoy your upgrades...

    OK, I'll grant you one Ken@Popehat mulligan, "My people have no tradition of proofreading"

  4. jdgalt:

    It's an improvement.

  5. marque2:

    What you really need to do is create an app for your site, and then have the mobile web site constantly hound us to download the app, and make the "No thank you" pushbutton really really small, so it is almost impossible to press. We will all then know you have a professional site. :P

  6. anobserver:

    If this was an ecommerce site, it'd be fail - but it has an overwhelming majority of all sites as company. Responsive web design is what's needed to have one template fit any size screen. On a PC monitor, break the tab off of this page, grab the right side of the window and size it toward minimum until it won't go any smaller. The controls need to go to the top, sized suitable for touch, with the post body sliding underneath with text and pics not breaking, then right column dropping under the post body, again text and pics not breaking. The follow site is WordPress and the template was moved to responsive design over 2 years ago. Needs updating to more recent design changes, but good to comparing window sizes with your site, especially since it is homebrew with open source tools: Responsive web design IS worth the investment considering the really big shift to mobile computing going on, and especially so, when you propigate the template to all your sites. Look at some of the WordPress responsive design fluid grid templates out there....