An Issue Seldom Mentioned vis a vis Campus Sexual Assaults

Since perhaps the 1970s, I believe that most campus police forces have had one primary mission:  Keep students out of the hands of local police, particularly on drug offenses.  Sure, they need to keep order and prevent property damage and break up fights and such, but underlying all of this has been a desire to keep any resulting discipline internal, to shield students from the local police force and criminal justice system that likely would be much harsher (particularly in some towns where there is substantial tension between town and gown).

By the way, none of this is particularly new.  You can read accounts from the middle ages about townies complaining that universities were sheltering their students from local justice (in those days students often carried some sort of clerical status in order to make them inviolate from local resident reprisal and to keep them out of the local justice system).

So given a mission to protect students from their own stupidity and from the harsher justice outside of campus, many campus police forces are entirely unprepared to handle true felonies with victims, such as forcible sexual assault.  The fact that campuses have been accused of burying these charges and covering them up is not surprising -- this is what campus police forces have been trained to do.

Unfortunately, the emerging solution of stripping male campus members of equal protection and due process rights is a horrible solution to this problem.  The right solution was to put these crimes in the hands of professionals outside of campus who are trained to deal with them.


  1. marque2:

    Yes that and the fact that the whole issue was fabricated for political purposes. Assuming the 12% report rate is valid - even the worst universities have a 1-34 women getting raped vs the 1-5 figure the president reported - and the rape surveys done by feminist studies groups define rape so broadly that many young women didn't even realize they were raped until the read the survey.

    It is politics at its worst - but yes - lets blame the school instead of the politicians looking for any issue they can in order not to get crushed in the 2014 elections.

    Warren you could have come up with a similar - I'll thought out excuse for the Democrats minimum wage parade as well.

  2. fjord:

    having rape defined as just about everything ensures the feminist's employed by "crisis management centers" have a job in perpetuity.

    Read Captain Capitalism's rant on this. It's epic.

  3. CT_Yankee:

    Having campus police deal with rape at all, other than stopping one in progress forwarding a call to the local detectives, just can not be expected to effectively deal with the problem. For "legitimate rape" any risk that a bit of evidence might me missed puts the population at risk that a rapist still roams free. For "feminist rape", having campus police, or indeed anyone connected with the college involved incurs great risk of libel/slander of an innocent man. Example: a couple have a few drinks and wake up together. Feminists argue that the woman has diminished capacity due to drinking, and could not have consented, to the man has sexually assaulted her. Of course the man also has been drinking, and also has diminished capacity and could not have consented, however feminists will not insist on disciplining/prosecuting the woman for her sexual assault of a clearly vulnerable male victim. Per feminist doctrine: only a man could possibly be at fault and always a woman is a victim. A college should not provide support for discriminatory practices.

    If two men are talking in a forest where there is no woman there to hear them, are they still wrong?

  4. jimc5499:

    I think that you could expand upon that quite a bit. Look at the increase in the number of people who work in "Human Resources". The definition of "Sexual Harassment" has been expanded about as broadly as rape on a college campus. They contribute nothing to the bottom line and have the same type of useless college degrees.

  5. marque2:

    He has a point - it is about getting money for their causes and Women's centers are part of that. This time around though - the whole thing started as a gambit along with minimum wage that Democrats care about the poor and about women - and this is suppose to keep them from getting trounced in the upcoming election.

    Of course taking away all you pretax benefits or even laying you off because of the new minimum wage - or scaring all the men away from college so women can't get dates, get married to people of their status and lead normal lives in a family doesn't help women either.

    Once all sex is rape (and this has been proposed) men will just gravitate to porn and women will be money.

  6. Mercury:

    This gives new meaning to the term "tail risk".
    Taking a cue from Aristophanes' Lysistrata, male college students (and/or their tuition-paying parents) should proscribe the dating of/sex with co-eds while they are undergraduates. Seriously. Besides risk mitigation it's the most effective way to make adminstrators and women bear the costs of their abuse of power.
    Lots of good local girls out there, you just have to put some effort into it.

  7. fjord:

    and the communist goal of destroying the family has been achieved.

  8. fjord:

    Ayup. As well as the guidance counselors in school (who spent 99% of their time calling CPS or "prescribing" ADHD drugs instead of giving advice on after school goals) most regulatory and compliance positions (filled by people who have no idea or experience in the industry that they are supposedly regulating) I could go on, but I'm getting more and more depressed...

  9. JKB:

    I found this from a turn of the 20th century Scribner's Magazine article. The article in on the Scottish universities, the ones that produced some of our best thinkers of the late 18th century. They were different than the medieval variety that the US institutions seem to be moving back toward:

    "The medieval university differed in many respects with our idea of a modern university. It was primarily a guild of teachers and scholars, formed for common protection and mutual aid. It was a republic of letters, whose members were exempt from all services private and public, all personal taxes and contributions, and from all civil procedure in courts of law. The teaching function was secondary, and often entirely overlooked. The Scottish university from the beginning, however, emphasized the teaching function, and created an atmosphere academic rather than civil or political. "

  10. markm:

    It's not the campus police dealing with alleged rapes. It's much worse. It's administrators and professors with no training in law enforcement or investigation at all, usually no training or experience with trial courts, and typically a strong preexisting bias: either it's a dean who understands his job as sweeping scandal under the rug and protecting the school's star athletes from the consequences of their actions, or it is a committee of women's studies professors and others selected for ultra-feminist politics and a clear bias towards believing the woman.