Sue and Settle Update

This is good news - the Oklahoma Attorney General is challenging sue and settle endangered species listings as a violation of the required rules-making process.

Environmentalists are trying to list such ubiquitous species as prairie chickens in order to halt oil and gas development in most of the west.  Presumably, wind farms would be given a special exemption.



  1. W.C. Taqiyya:

    Guns to drug cartels, kissy face with commies, shutting down the energy sector, demolishing medical care, rewarding failure, theft, fraud and corruption in the financial and insurance sectors. The evidence is in, the verdict is clear. Obama, the grand saboteur.

  2. Harry:

    That is indeed good news, Coyote.

    I remember watching on color TV a show, I think Shell's Wonderful World of Golf, where Curt Gowdy went hunting for prairie chickens with Julius Boros. I am fuzzy on the details, but as I remember they bagged dozens, and I think they were going to eat some of them.

    PBS is planning a similar series, on making tofu out of non-GM soybeans, raised in Kansas by soccer people.

  3. marque2:

    Prairie chickens don't exactly fly, so they would be safe from the windmills.