XKCD is Pretty Awesome today


  1. Jody:

    If the fact that someone has an opinion contrary to one of yours always stops you from enjoying an unrelated work of theirs, you won't have a very enjoyable life.

  2. Bruin:

    I have seen every XKCD cartoon and enjoyed all that I understood. 1321 disappointed me.

    XKCD has never picked on the "hot weather is evidence of global warming" meme which has abounded over the years.

    His opinion is not based on the evidence of a warming hiatus of 17 years while the plantfood CO2 has relentlessly increased.

  3. elliotdiafono:

    He's also joined the bandwagon of Ayn Rand bashers: people who completely misrepresent her basic arguments with silly straw man nonsense and use increasingly negative adjectives to describe her fiction, in the hopes that the peer pressure will prevent people from reading her.

    Just mention her in any debate on a general public website and you'll receive an avalanche of attacks, most of which start from the silly assumption that if you are not on the bandwagon of Ayn Rand bashers, you're a 100% true believer and thus believe every preposterous straw man of what that entails. For example, "Randroids" are anarchists, conservatives, fascists, racists, plunderers, etc. despite Rand explicitly denouncing each and every one of those.

    Bandwagoneers are rather facile, but unfortunately, ubiquitous. The best critiques of Rand almost always come from individualists. They take the time to read her (and don't try to dissuade others from doing likewise) and show how she is wrong by her actual words.

  4. elliotdiafono:

    All that said, xkcd is almost always awesome. My favorite is 386--I can't come to bed because someone is WRONG on the internet.