LOL, Going to See a Lot of These

Got this from some Republican group (the "virtue" of being a libertarian is that I get bipartisan spam).

Tim Bishop = ObamaCare 

Bishop Has Been a Co-Conspirator in the Disaster That is ObamaCare; It’s Time for Him to Apologize For This Colossal and Expensive Mistake 

WASHINGTON – Today, in a rambling press conference, President Obama admitted he “fumbled” the ObamaCare rollout. And the president even warned of more problems to come.

Tim Bishop has been a vocal ObamaCare supporter from the beginning—voting for the bill in 2010 and giving the president a blank check on ObamaCare time and time again. Now that the law is becoming more of a disaster every day, Bishop needs to answer for the higher premiums and canceled plans facing families in his district.

Didn't even know who this dude was until I checked (US Representative from NY, apparently).  I expect to see a lot of this.  At least for now.  Things can change quickly.  After all, just 30 days ago the Republicans were supposedly on the ropes from self-inflicted wounds vis a vis the shutdown.  Now, no one even remembers it.


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    I think (hope) this could unify the wheezing, anemic opposition, and drive this piece of shit law into the ground – where it belongs - by next election.

    Cautiously optimistic.

  2. Harry:

    Two oil changes ago (with Mobil One, that's about nine thousand miles). I talked with a lady whose son, still living at home and covered for prepaid health care under their employer-paid insurance policy, had gotten one of those 29.5 hours per week jobs. She was overjoyed.

    I asked her about the forty-niners -- not the prospectors or the Football team, but about the businesses approaching fifty people who worry not just about their 30-hour Obamacare obligations, but also the avalanche of regulatory burden that kicks in at that level.

    We agreed that it is a plus that her son goes to work most days.

    The fit is going to hit the shan after 2014 and the son loses his parents' coverage, his employer dumps him into the Federal Exchange, and he finds he has to pay for his friend's uncle's chiropractor, and that tattoo removal comes after the $7500 deductible for the Bronze Plan.

    I am cautiously optimistic, but then I am always cautiously optimistic.