Photo Diary of a Crazy Person

I am not very comfortable with heights, so these photos tend to induce a panic attack in me.


  1. norse:

    *Cough* I wonder why there are no photos of old people doing this. *Cough* ;)

  2. Orion Henderson:

    Crazy Russians. Makes me clench up a bit.

  3. Jeff Bishop:

    It doesn't take a fear of heights for these pictures to induce panic.

    I'm fairly comfortable with heights, but what I see here is a person doing something which, if I were to attempt it, would certainly result in my falling to my death. I'd call that very reasonable fear, and not a phobia at all. Even if I were in perfect physical condition, with the training of a professional acrobat, the risks taken in these pictures are wholly unreasonable (for myself).

  4. bigmaq1980:

    Probably unreasonable risk for that person too...remains to be seen if he will survive to a good old age like most of the rest of us.

    Still, he's free to pursue that if we wants, so long as he is not causing others an involuntary risk of a bad outcome.

  5. Jeff Bishop:

    He certainly is free to risk his life, regardless of my personal assessment of his foolishness.

  6. obloodyhell:

    Among other things, old people WOULD die. You just don't have the hand strength to get/keep a grip like that by your fingers no matter how much you work.