My Idea of Luxury

If I had a stupid amount of money to spend on a home, I would not go in for the French Chateau style mansion.  This is the house I would want.  The garage has a better view than any house I expect to own.


  1. Ok:

    I didn't know Tony Stark was selling his home

  2. Jesse Nelson:

    Agreed. I've always fantasized about living in one of those bad-ass houses in the hollywood hills overlooking the LA basin. I sure would have a lot of friends.

  3. Seattle Steve:

    Sweet! It has a moat!

  4. obloodyhell:

    LOL, was thinking similar thoughts...

  5. obloodyhell:

    I would like this home, but if you GAVE it to me I would sell it. There is no #$%#$@ way I'd live in Beverly Hills.

    Now, give me the same house (varied for the weather) in the Rockies -- possibly looking out over Denver, I could handle the libtards there...

    But not Cali. Just not gonna do it.

  6. norse:

    LOL - I see we frequent the same blogs... I keep longingly looking at house-porn on a regular basis. It keeps me from settling for a house I could afford but would hate to live in...

  7. surfdude621:

    This house remarkably like one found in Black Ops 2 (doesn't it?).

  8. mesaeconoguy:

    Too much glass.

    You’d be a sitting duck when the California Bolshevik uprising happens.

    Or the Mexican Gang revolution after police and fire services run out of money, sometime next year.

  9. c_andrew:

    I have a mansion
    forget the price
    ain't never been there
    they tell me it's nice.

  10. Xenophon Fenderson:

    So does anyone know where it is? I didn't have much luck finding it on Google Maps.