I Did Buy Myself a Shirt at Comic-Con

jayne shirt

Cunning, eh?



  1. GilM:

    Awesome. And, I think it's "Cunning, don't you think?"

  2. chris:

    "A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

  3. obloodyhell:

    Unfortunately, the characters say "I love it in the bum". :oD

  4. morganovich:


  5. Jason Brunson:


  6. obloodyhell:

    Wearing that certainly seems to be a cunning stunt.

  7. hanmeng:

    Actually, no. 杰 is used in words meaning "outstanding", and 猊 used in words referring to a mythical lion-like creature, but here it looks like they're both just being used for the sound (jiéní). I'm completely missing the cultural reference here. Is it about somebody named Jenny?

  8. Mondak:

    Eff did a bit on the hat last week that I thought was interesting. It was on striking a balance between Fox's rights to maintain copyright and small knitters who were getting cease and desist letters for knitting hats for comic con.


    Also, now I have "The Hero of Canton" stuck in my head. . . which is not a bad thing.