Dialect Survey

These have been kicking around the Internet for a while but this is the most extensive set (over a hundred) that I have seen  (You can get an accurate guess as to where I grew up by the name I gave the image below)



  1. Nehemiah:

    I hope we used stimulus money to mine this data.

  2. Sam L.:

    Got me right. I'm from a soda fringe. Dallas, now, reminds me of a woman there calling Car Talk about battery terminal corrosion. "Do you have any Coke?" "NO, I don't!" (Guess Dr. Pepper--Bingo!)

  3. Jake:

    For you coke people: Do I order an orange coke?

  4. Joe:

    Waiter: What would you like to drink?

    Customer: A coke.

    Waiter: What kind of coke?

    Customer: A Fanta Orange.

  5. Thruppennybit:

    In parts of Scotland they use the word "ginger". http://voices.yahoo.com/top-ten-scottish-patter-phrases-words-11501774.html

  6. Mom:

    Warren, coke came later. When I was a teenager (late 40's), we would go to the soda fountain in our drugstore and order a "co cola". (That's southern for coca cola.)

  7. nehemiah:

    How about water fountain versus bubbler?