Is This A Scam?

Came in via email this morning

Dear President & CEO,
We are an organization specified at dealing with domain name dispute and registration in Asia. We have something important on intellectual property right need to confirm with your company.
On April 13, 2013, we received an application formally, one company named "PhgbuhfcHolding Ltd" applied for the Brand Name "coyoteblog" and some domain names with our organization.
After checking, we found your company is the original trademark owner. If the company's action haven't been authorized by your company, so their behavior will conflict with your interests. In order to deal with the matter better, please contact us ASAP. (If you are NOT President, please forward this to your President & CEO, because this is urgent. Thanks.)

Best Regards,
Auditing Director

Update, from the comments:  Yes, it is!  I figured as such.  This blog gets pretty good Google ranking so I like to post this stuff for others to find in the future.


  1. Kurt:

    most likely, and who cares if they call something coyote blog in Asia?

  2. Mike Baird:

    It's a scam

  3. Big John:

    Love your blog. To answer your question type in the words "with your interests. In order to deal with the matter better, please contact us ASAP" in Google or Bing and see all the comments from others who have received the same email.
    Keep up the great work. I am a daily reader and love your writing and topics.

  4. Johnathan:

    Of course it is. I've gotten spam like this numerous times for different domains I own. I've just ignored them.

  5. john mcginnis:

    Yep it is. Site names and registration are not trademarks unless you specfically have filed an application.

  6. Dick Gillette:

    Been getting those for years. SCAM.

  7. MNHawk:

    Anything that whois's back to China is a scam.

    Registrant Contact Information:

    Name: KennyLau

    Organization: EasyFa Technology Limited

    Address 1: xianggang

    City: XiangGang

    State: HK

    Zip: 519000

    Country: HK

    Phone: +852.30775980

    Fax: +852.30771254


  8. Allen G:

    Trend Micro doesn't say if it's a scam but they don't trust their web site

  9. Incunabulum:

    Its a scam - noone in a legitimate business in asia that has dealings with the english speaking world would send a letter with that poor writing.

  10. smilerz:

    Yes. They are trying to convince people to pay them for services to get back your domain name.

  11. AngusS-F:

    AFAICT it's a scam. First hit on this privatized Google search is Ripoff Report

    easyfa scam - Startpage Web Search

  12. Fictionatrix:

    Thanks for this! I just got this email and was tipped off by the "in Asia" part -- seemed strange that a company would refer to themselves as "in Asia," rather than a specific country. But I did almost fall for it, so thanks for sharing your experience!