Why I Almost Never Pay Attention to Poll Results...

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  1. bigmaq1980:

    Most people do not realize that government run medical care usually means that "costs" actually do and will go up.

    The problem is they only think in monetary terms. It may be "free", but what does that mean?

    They don't account for longer queues, fewer approved procedures / alternative criteria for approval (e.g. "meat chart" in UK), slow adoption of newer tools/techniques, fewer approved / approvals for drug prescriptions (i.e. particularly the newest ones), declining "quality" of doctors (i.e. brain drain, alternative choices for new entrants over longer time periods), etc., etc.. The cost is non-monetary.

    Meanwhile, "unfairly", the "rich" and well "connected" can still get the care they desire.

    Then they will wonder why their taxes are so "high".