Sequester Horror Story

Courtesy of a reader, what happens when the sequester cuts maintenance funding for critical infrastructure?

This is an older video that someone has re-purposed, I think, to make fun of progressives but it is funny none-the-less.  It reminds me of the movie Live Free or Die Hard, when the villain sent all of America into a panic because the government might not be immediately available to help with every little thing.


  1. MNHawk:

    I see it as a couple of Bloomberg voters. How else can you see a people who are not to be trusted whether to put swirls on their coffee or not?

  2. mesocyclone:

    Very nice!

  3. obloodyhell:

    They LET you put SWIRLS on your coffee? How much can their liability insurance be, to allow such a thing to happen?!?!?

    I mean, the chance of a scalding hot coffee spill inflicting second degree burns across 1% of your body are... astronomical!!!

    How do such companies stay in business, when they let mere humans do things such as this -- unsupervised, unshepherded, unaided?

  4. nehemiah:

    The escalator attendants must have been off that day due to sequester.