JetBlue is Awesome

If the DirecTV at every seat (no extra charge) and extra leg room (extra charge) were not enough, it turns out JetBlue has a great ticket change policy.

We had non-refundable tickets on JetBlue for today that we really wanted to move to an earlier time.  Normally, on about any airline, that would be at least a $100 per ticket fee plus the difference in fair.  The latter portion can be substantial, as the early rate we first received almost certainly is not available today.

But JetBlue has a special policy that on day of travel, you can change coach tickets for $50 each - that's it.  No matter what the fair difference is.  So I waited until 12:01 AM to call and change my flights.  Totally awesome.


  1. marque2:

    I remember in the 1990's when airlines would put you on an earlier flight when they had space as a free courtesy. I took advantage of that several times.

    Now "only 50 bucks" is considered a great customer service benefit.

    It is sad how much things have changed.

  2. HenryBowman419:

    That's about as good a policy as one can hope for these days. I note that Southwest Airlines does't charge at all to change one's ticket, though you would have to pay for the fare difference.

    Several years ago, just before a trip to the UK, I learned my mother was ill and I would have to shorten my stay. Changing my ticket before I left the U.S. would have cost about $800. However, I learned that if I changed the ticket after arriving in the UK, the charge would only be $50, so of course that's what I did. The rules sometimes seem completely wacky.

  3. herdgadfly:

    That seems fare to me.