Forbidden History of Taxes

Pretty entertaining video from down under. Sent by a reader:


  1. anonzmouse:

    Should call this "Life of Julia Downunder"

  2. Ravi Smith:

    I lived in Australia for 10 years and am proud that this awesome video was made there. I wish more Australians had this viewpoint. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. bigmaq1980:

    Same problem world wide. Governments have gotten much too big. It is no longer about serving the people they govern.

    This is an excellent primer on government and taxes, and their impact on jobs and wealth. The only thing missing (Toffer touches on it with a nod to deficit spending) is the unsustainable accumulation of debt (i.e. future tax burdens), which is the giant hidden land mine we all face.

    Yes...pass it on!

  4. Me too:

    That's in Australia. We wouldn't dream of doing anything like that in the U.S.

  5. Matthew Slyfield:

    If only that were true.

  6. jdgalt:

    At least I don't think the Australian government is fast providing every podunk police department in the country with tanks and SWAT gear so they can suppress dissent, as is happening here in the US.

  7. marque2:

    The department names and program names are different - but I am surprised how similar our problems in the USA are vs Australia - didn't know they had "Cash for Clunkers" in Australia as well.

    Is this just a flaw in a Republic that eventually the political system/government converts to cronyism?

  8. DaveDCR:

    I think this video IS the problem. Government isn't supposed to do everything. Government isn't supposed to do most things, but what IS government supposed to do? Police? fine. Firemen? perhaps. Bridges, canals? most people would say yes. Cars? probably not, but we are doing that anyway. A lot of videos say government should be smaller, but that begs the question. What are, precisely, the proper domains of government?