Creative Destruction


  1. BGThree:

    It's offensive that you celebrate the loss of millions of jobs in the vinyl record and cassette tape manufacturing industries. It takes billions of vinyl records to hold as many songs as an iPod. Think how many jobs would have been created by making billions of vinyl records instead of job-destroying MP3 players.

  2. nehemiah:

    And if they were delivered by horse drawn carts just think how many drivers, stable boys, dung sweepers, blacksmiths, etc. would be employed. FORWARD

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    No, for maximum employment they should all be delivered by bicycle couriers. To ensure maximum employment each courier will only be permitted to carry one record and / or cassette tape per round trip. And the records / cassettes will all be singles.

  4. obloodyhell:

    Man, what the hell? What kind of lazy-ass, slow-witted Keynesian Neo-Luddites are y'all?

    Clearly, we should be delivering BANDS playing music, not (feh) RECORDINGS of the music.

    I mean, how many talented musical artists are starving in garrets as a result of this job-destroying technology?
    Think of all the musical instrument makers, transporters, and carriage operators would be used if only we sent BANDS around to play people their music...!

  5. bigmaq1980:

    You forgot about 8-track tapes!

    Actually, I was surprised that cassettes made up such a large percentage of sales. I recall most music stores had hundreds of LPs to comb through, while cassettes seemed to be secondary.

    Personally, I preferred to make personal tapes from LPs for the good old Walkman vs purchasing pre-recorded tapes.

  6. Matthew Slyfield:

    OK, you win. :)

    I like classical music though so throw in a few orchestras.

  7. Not Sure:

    Apple claims that the 8GB holds up to 2,000 songs.

    From personal examination of my record collection:
    Most of my vinyl albums hold 10 songs or so.

    Working this very complicated math equation out all by myself, it appears an iPod holds the equivalent of 200 vinyl records.

    "It takes billions of vinyl records to hold as many songs as an iPod."

    Appears this claim is not true.

  8. Rob:

    Yay! for disruptive technologies!

  9. Not Sure:

    Funny how believers in bigger government suddenly find fault with what they've asked for when it affects them personally. Unfortunately, he's still unclear on the concept:

    "Ideology aside, simply putting a little more thought into the process could make things much easier. Shifting as much form-filing as possible to the Web, where it can be accessed 24/7, wouldn’t undercut any legitimate regulatory purpose."

    The "regulatory purpose" of having to go to half a dozen offices and fill out forms is to provide half a dozen union jobs for paper pushers who collect forms to file away in a cabinet, never to be looked at again.

  10. marque2:

    I am not sure what anti gay initiatives the GOP has. I could use a little insight. Seems like any position that does not conform precisely with some left wing POV is a GOP anti - this or that - no debate whatsoever. Don't fall in that trap.

  11. marque2:

    It is called hyperbole. We all knew when he said it, that he was exaggerating for effect.

    It also depends on how much you compress the song when you digitally convert it. you can get 7000 - 8000 songs in 8 gigs pretty easily, esp since the fidelity of vinyl isn't worth transferring at the 320 bit rate. So you are just as guilty: How LAME.

  12. marque2:

    And note it was Hitler's 3rd Reich that were first to use modern pre-recorded technology (the precursor to tape recording) in Germany radio stations during the war. We don't want to perpetuate technology from such an evil source.

  13. marque2:

    I am still mad about the Gutenberg press. Bring back the scribes, and monks!