Who Is Important to NBC News

I almost never watch the network news, but I happened to be in the room when NBC News had a year in review video where it paid tribute to famous people who passed away in 2012.  The people they chose were incredible -- probably 85% entertainers and sports figures and 15% government / military figures.  And that is NBC's world.   I vaguely remember there may have been one exception, but essentially there were no producers, no scientists, no inventors, no business people.  Not even someone like Carroll Shelby, a business person who also had a place in pop culture.


  1. Roy Kerns:

    Less than half the people will understand the math, much less the implications. What cannot work will not work. That some Phants believed they protected most taxpayers will not only not protect those people. The Donks will use the Phants' 'lack of cooperation' to blame the Phants when what will happen does happen.

  2. Me:

    I just saw one small part of that tribute. It was where they listed Rodney King as a "civil rights leader". That's when I shut it off.

  3. LarryGross:

    saw similar on FAUX... ;-)

  4. bigmaq1980:

    I saw Charlie Rose tribute on Bloomberg. As much as I dislike Rose's left leaning point of view, I do think he had a good representation of people who were truly notable. He replayed segments of his interviews with them, some of which dated back to the early 90's, if not the late 80's (IIRC). The segments all had some interesting point, even if one were to disagree. It was surprisingly engaging, given what I've seen from him in the morning newstainment show on CBS.

  5. Guest:

    I think it's a reflection of what NBC thinks will attract viewers.

  6. Beemac:

    I think it is a reflection of what NBC thinks will attract viewers.