Thoughts On Election Spending

It is pretty standard to read lamentations about how high spending was in the most recent election.  However, it strikes me that election spending was irrationally low.  With stakes literally in the trillions (differences in tax policy, crony protection of certain industries and groups, etc.), it is a wonder to me that more money is not spent.

Political spending is rising because we have given the government insane powers over, well, everything.


  1. Dan h:

    The election was about $2B, by comparison, we spent $8B on Halloween candy and decor. Not exactly what you call excessive spending

  2. GoneWithTheWind:

    The real problem is that a substantial amount of the Democrat money came from overseas just as it did in 2008. How stupid are we? Oops, that's already been answered when we elected the Manchurian candidate.

  3. AnInquirer:

    True that with the intrusive role of government, trillions of dollars of benefit are up for grabs. Perhaps there is a point of diminishing return for your campaign dollar?

  4. SamWah:

    When the stakes are so high, it's costly to ante up.

  5. irandom:

    Remember a donor list for the losing candidate is an enemy list for the winning one like Gibson Guitar.