Life In The Corporate State

This strikes me as typical of life in the corporate state.  

  1. The Administration champions a plan to save $11.5 billion through lower Medicare reimbursement rates  (we can argue about whether this is simply sensible procurement strategy or a mindless price control, but won't today).
  2. The Administration gives back $8 billion, or 70%, of these savings to the providers through another program.  It is unclear what criteria are used to select who gets the money and who does not, so I think we can assume political ass-kissing probably comes into play

Through this right-hand-left-hand game, the Administration can claim $11.5 billion in savings that don't actually occur; claim that the "cuts" are not hurting service, since they are giving the cuts back; while creating yet another multi-billion dollar fund that can be distributed to friends and supporters.

One Comment

  1. mesocyclone:

    I will soon be relying on Medicare for my health insurance. Right now, it's a really good deal, but it's future scares the hell out of me. The sort of tricks Obama is doing will only increase in the future, leaving the elderly only a choice of third rate providers.

    And no, private insurance doesn't work for folks like me. I've been ineligible to buy it since my early 30s - and even if I could, the cost (compared to employer provided) would have made it a lousy deal. The tie between health insurance and employment was created by government price controls in WW-II, and many of use were stuck with it our whole career.