Enforcing the Emerging Right Not To Be Offended

What I wish Obama had said day one:

I didn't care for this particular YouTube video.  I don't think many in my State Department would agree with it in any way.  But in this country, that does not matter.  In this country, we allow people to speak their minds, whether or not they agree with those of us in office.  No, that's not quite right.  We protect their right to speak particularly when they don't agree with those of us in office.  I have sworn an oath to do so.  Browse YouTube and you will see hundreds of videos charicaturing me personally in ways I find hurtful.  You will find videos supporting and attacking nearly every religion, political party, or idea you can imagine.

Many nations are sometimes awed, overwhelmed, angry, envious at the power and wealth of this country.  But this did not happen by accident.  We are wealthy and successful because we hold ourselves consistently to a set of principles, and among the most important of these is freedom of expression.


  1. mark2:

    Technically he was brought in for questioning over potential parole violations:

    "The probation department is reviewing the case of Nakoula, who was previously convicted on bank fraud charges and was banned from using computers or the Internet as part of his sentence. The review is aimed at learning whether Nakoula violated the terms of his five-year probation. "

    Sorry I lost the link were I got the citation.

    But even though parolees have restricted freedom of Speech rights, this is a very bad precedent. If you watch the movie, it is so bad it is a joke, there is no reason folks in the middle east should be rioting over it. In fact I would suspect 99.9% of the rioters have no idea what was in the clip and were just riled up by a Cleric. I can't believe these folks can be such mindless followers, but then again, when looking at my life, I am sure someone could point out I am a mindless follower in some ways.

  2. CTD:

    If you think a huge squad of deputies showing up at your door in the middle of the night with camera crews to make you come "answer some questions" about a some low-rent parole violation for a non-violent crime is standard operating procedure, I have a bridge for sale...

  3. mark2:

    Considering James Gardener had some 300 parole violations before killing Chelsea King - without anyone caring - I say you have a point.

    If you read my whole note above, you will find, I find this to be a bad precedent, but I am merely informing you of why they were allowed to take the guy in for a "free speech violation."

    Calm down dude.

  4. rox_publius:

    coyote for pres!

  5. Joe_Da:

    The prohibition to using the computer as a condition of probation seems to be extremely strict - at least for probation for bank fraud - I can see a ban on computer usage for child porn and other crimes, but not bank fraud. Has anyone verified that the ban on computer usage was actually a condition of his probation.

    As of Sunday, the Obama administration was still claiming the embassy attack was due to the movie and was not premeditated. ( contrary to intelligence reports showing the embassy had info 3 days before hand.

  6. mark2:

    I think he used his computer to get some 600 credit card applications going under various peoples names. Hence stay away from computers - so he can't apply for credit cards.

    But no, I haven't verified anything - just reading what I have seen in the MSM. Also for the hot heads I should point out, I don't condone questioning this guy for the video either, just trying to point out facts in this case.

  7. Capt. Grandpa:

    Obama didn't say that day one because he does not believe it.

  8. obloodyhell:

    }}}} What I wish Obama had said day one

    Well, yes, but then he would be LYING, since he believes none of those things.

  9. obloodyhell:

    "calm down dude"?

    What possible thing did he say that led you to the preposterous notion that he was hot under the collar about it?

  10. Doug Wolf:

    Warren, that was stellar, really. There should be a place for you in the White House Communications Office.

  11. August:

    The movie simply serves as a way for them to absolve themselves. They excoriate the film and then say very loudly that the government had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, the Muslim world really has a beef with what our government has been doing to them. Do we seriously imagine these poor, third world people all watching this trailer on youtube? No, this is a way to divert blame- one wonders whether or not they have a hand in putting this sort of nonsense out. How else does the State Department suddenly come across such a shoddy piece? Do they have people just watching youtube eight hours a day?