Working on Security

I am working on site security, so if you get locked out for some reason, let me know by hitting the email here, or if you can't get in here, over at  I thought I had this process pretty well practiced as I did everything I wanted first at two other blogs, but this morning I managed to lock myself out of the site.  Oops.  So screw-ups are definitely possible.


  1. Vilmos:

    If (on the same computer) I am using firefox, I can see the site. But if I use lynx, then I get a 403 forbidden message. (question: how many of your readers use lynx?)


  2. pegr:


    Lynx is likely missing a header. Many blogs are hosted on a single machine, and without a host header, the web server won't know which one you want.

    Update: I just tried to get to this blog with only the IP and I got an error page. Yup, it needs the host header.


  3. Vilmos:

    Dear pegr,

    It was working up to today. So I guess something changed. It is also working on many other sites.