Cool Tech...

...though not as cool as I thought at first.  I thought the machine actually arranged the bricks, but that is done by hand.  Still, it eliminates a ton of stoop work with people placing bricks at table-top level.  I am sure it is more efficient, though I want the one where the machine arranges the bricks itself.  Video at the link



  1. blokeinfrance:

    You could easily fully automate it with cobbles, which are fairly spherical?
    Cubic bricks would also be a doddle, but the neighbours might complain about the noise.
    Incidentally, the municipality here has been laying cobbles. They had to get some Polish and Italian firms to supply the labour. (Pauvre France! as they say round here.) My historical view is that the more you spend on cobbles the closer the revolution.

  2. Craig:

    I thought it was shredding bricks. Now that would be cool!

  3. morganovich:

    this reminds me a bit of a company my father helped found.

  4. Ombibulous:

    How would it handle curves, if at all?

  5. Sarah:

    Funny you picked this up.
    A guy in my hometown made this machine, and it works great although it has some restrictions.