Charles Carreon and the Streisand Effect

A quick information graphic for you:

This count does not include his Wikipedia page, where about half the content now is about the Funnyjunk/Oatmeal brouhaha.  Hilariously, before this happened, Mr. Carreon's page was nominated for deletion for his being too much of a non-entity.  Using a great new phrase I just learned from Ken at Popehat, "on information and belief" the original page was probably put up on Wikipedia by him or one of his paid help.  Apparently

"On information and belief" is lawyer-speak for "I have no evidence whatsoever, but I kind of like to imagine that it's true, and who knows what I'll find in discovery."

Useful term, that.  By the way, Ken has lots of updates at that link.


  1. mark2:

    Here is a good example of the Streisand effect on Google trends (

    Searches on the guys name have gone up 5 fold this month compared to the average for the last 12 months.