Labor Participation Changes Apparently Not Due to Retirees


  1. Mark2:

    Obama has done so well for us that now College students can retire right after graduating.

    For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.

  2. JKB:


    Fits my suspicion that the Labor department isn't measuring where the real jobs are. Sure, a lot of those 16-55 yr olds are floating or working underground, but many may be developing self-employment or in jobs that don't make the BLS stats. Even those falling back on mom and dad should be learning that the old jobs aren't reliable and work to be more flexible.

    This indicates that if there is change in November, and Romney doesn't do something stupid to protect the status quo, there will be a lot of pent up effort released.

  3. Lisa:

    It appears to be getting more and more difficult for the 16-17 group to get a job, not because of the recession or because they aren't trying but because more and more businesses don't hire from that age group. I suspect excessive regulation and high minimum wage of driving this trend.

  4. Gil:

    Or worse: baby boomers are getting older, staying healthy and have no serious intentions of retiring. In other words, Gen X will be a lost generation.

  5. Ted Rado:

    The oldies have established track records with their employer. If you had to reduce staff, wouldn't you keep a reliable experienced person rather than someone you hadn't figured out yet?

    Older employees have long since passed the stage of rebellion against authority and are much eaier to supervise.

  6. joshv:

    Speaking as a Gen-Xer with a college degree - things look just fine. I've got a few friends who are unemployed, but no more than usual. My guess is that 25-54 bucket is too wide and much of the loss is in the 25-30 range - poor millenials.

  7. ColoComment:

    I am a leading-edge Boomer whose savings (both tax-deferred retirement funds and non-, and home equity of which I have ltv of 50%) have regained their value pre-2008, but have not grown past that level and presently are not earning squat. My retirement timeframe has changed radically as a result. Think about it: where else can I earn 8% each year that I simply delay my Social Security application? I know that I'm taking a spot that a younger person might fill, because I must plan to fund an expected life span of 25+ more years and Obama's ecomonic policies have completely thwarted the prudent saver.

    I cannot be the only 66 year old in this position.

  8. Craig Cowart:

    Obama's brilliant new idea to eliminate unemployment. They are not unemployed, they are employed by the government to do nothing. After all, isn't that what most government employees do! Remember you heard it here first.

  9. MikeinAppalachia:

    You're not.