Ken at Popehat Fires Off Another Classic Letter

There is nothing I find so entertaining as when Ken at Popehat fires off a legal letter in response to a particularly ludicrous legal action or threat thereof.  Check this one out.  I am not a fan of reality TV but I would tune in for a weekly show featuring Ken pouncing on yet another asshat.

PS-  the comments are hilarious, with random women throwing themselves at Ken.


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    I'm not sure 100% of the people throwing themselves at Ken were women, but it was a fun read.

  2. Anna:

    Ken is now the sexiest guy on the internet. And I think that the reaction of members of my gender to his letter is probably close to universal. :)

  3. The Other Me:

    Coyote is still the man for me.

    (please don't tell my wife)

  4. Evil Red Scandi:

    Ouch... surprised we didn't feel the impact from that all the way down here in San Diego.

  5. W. C. Taqiyya:

    Yeah, not so much. There's nothing wrong with putting a case to bed before it starts, if the client has no appetite for fun. Or if the pro bono is very busy and doesn't need extra legal fees. But for my two cents, I would consider keeping my four aces hidden for a bit. Instead of laying my entire case out for all to see, I might prefer a bit of fly fishing first. Since you know the other guy is a bluff, a bully and a thug, he might walk into harms way. To take him down, you get him to bite, swallow and go deep. Send him some bait in the form of an earnestly written pro se letter that betrays the right mix of fear, bravado and legal ignorance. Maybe attach a stamped filed notice of intent to sue and some scribbled interrogatories you cribbed from the back of a book or wait on that till after his next letter. The right touch is case dependent and requires familiarity with local court rules. You want to pull him in but not burn yourself. Use expensive paper or drop some hint that you have a chunk of money and inform him that all future communications must be by mail or e-mail. You are busy. Lawyers hate to litigate on paper, they prefer phone call billing and they don't like records of their bullshit. Once he is good and pissed, he will probably dig himself deeper with all manner of unethical wriggling or file a complaint. Then it's all about playing the fish. It's complicated, but revenge is sweet. It is in NJ anyway.

  6. marco73:

    I read Ken's response, then the cease and desist. Ken is like the 1972 Dolphins lining up against a local high school team.
    I'm not so sure I'd spend a whole lot of time trying to get a judgment for fees. Might be hard to collect from 4 carpenters in Indonesia.

  7. W. C. Taqiyya:

    It's certainly a judgment call. But, options are interesting. As for collecting, I was looking at the lawyer and his firm also. In NJ, they can be hit for fees and money penalties if you prove misconduct, bad faith litigation, etc. Besides that, a money judgment against that company will at least shut them down. The identification of the actual owners is obtained during discovery phase of case. Then, let a collector do the rest. If they withhold identities, it's violation of discovery rules and misconduct. It's a several step process, it sounds crazy, and is, but it can add up. Of course, most sane people would just let it go. Me? I live in East Berlin, NJ, where crazy is the norm.