Actions Speak Louder than Words

The administration claims that the country really loves the new health care law and will be even more thrilled with it once it fully takes effect.  If this is the case, why are they twisting the law to the breaking point trying to avoid implementation of the PPACA this year?  If the administration truly believed the PPACA would be well received by the majority of Americans, they would be bending over backwards to see it put into effect before the election.  Instead, they are doing the opposite.

Clearly, Obama would consider the PPACA his largest legislative accomplishment.  I am trying to remember a President who was so reluctant to run on his largest legislative achievement.  Maybe Adams with the Alien and Sedition acts?


  1. Sam L.:

    Actions. Words. Hmmmm. Nope, don't match up. Volume knob--nope, doesn't go far enough to make the words louder than the actions.

  2. Hasdrubal:

    The phrase "bread and circuses" comes to mind.

  3. caseyboy:

    Boy, I hate that they will get away with this slight of hand with the aid and comfort of our "free press".

  4. Liberal Sock Puppet Channeler:

    Obviously it was Bushwar II!!

  5. caseyboy:

    We are all really going to like it when they push all independent insurance options out of the market and we are left with Uncle Sam as the single payer for all our healthcare needs. Then we are really, really going to like it when they push the Catholic hospitals out of the healthcare market so they can take the facilities over and put abortion clinics in them. Conveniently abortion costs will be covered by the $1 (minimum) monthly assessment taken from everyone's premium payment. Wow, almost like they planned it or something. And we are really, really, really going to like it when those "death" panels that aren't in the bill start issuing edicts on age appropriate care.

    Yep, I just can't wait for it all to get put in place.