One Thing Both Parties Agree On


  1. me:

    Wait. There's a difference between the big parties now?

  2. Jacob:


    Although, quoting as dubious a source as Russia Today is not good.

  3. me:

    Case in point - Prawda has done some seriously deep journalistic articles, while the New York Times has sunk to the level of a government operated crony with articles that defy even common sense. Damn, I want my 80ies back so bad.

  4. steve:

    Oddly it would seem, Russia Today is a pretty good source for American civil liberties issues. I wouldn't claim it is unbiased, they seem to give a lot of time to libertarians. But then, that is a bias I can live with.

  5. MJ:

    Although, quoting as dubious a source as Russia Today is not good.

    I'll take Russia Today over the Gray Lady any day.

  6. MJ:

    That goes double for the LA Times.

  7. IGotBupkis, Three Time Winner of the Silver Sow Award:

    >>> I’ll take Russia Today over the Gray Lady any day.

    "Lady" as in "Lady of the night"? That's about the only way the term applies.

  8. ruralcounsel:

    If anyone has harbored any doubts about whether we are still governed with our consent, this should put the issue to rest. Welcome, fellow peasants. Be sure and ask permission. For anything. For everything. You exist by the grace and benevolence of the benighted ruling class.

  9. el coronado:

    I think most of y'all are missing the point here. It ain't the nonbias or trustworthiness of the NYT/MSM - we all know that's a bad joke. Hell, they gave up trying to camoflage their propaganda decades ago. The point is, this abortion passed the House 399-3.

    3 men stood up for (what's left of) the Constitution out of 435 piglets squealing at the public trough. While I expect this garbage from the Democrats, I hope - I really really hope - that no one in the GOP makes the mistake of calling me & asking for a donation this year. I *will* hurt their feelings. So there it is in black & white: less than 1% of our elected officials are willing to put themselves through ANY kind of discomfort/hassle when dealing with the noisy, disrespectful, and bothersome proles; Constitution be damned. I say it's the legislative equivalent of a an EEG flatlining: the patient is dead dead dead; the lawyers are busy stealing every ounce of the estate that ain't nailed down, ("If I can pry it loose, it ain't nailed down!"); and they, just like the MSM, ain't even bothering to hide it anymore.

    Make of it what you will. Class dismissed.

  10. me:

    Spot on. One more reason why Ron Paul is the *only* acceptable candidate for the next presidency. While I don't believe he has a real chance, write-in, anyone?