Happy Florist and Restaurant Promotion Day

Also, apparently its the 100th anniversary of Arizona statehood.  I am kind of proud of my state for making this anniversary a virtually ignored event.


  1. Don:

    In Texas, we celebrated our 150th independance day with a year long celebration. Only the State Government gave a rats-ass about statehood.

    Tells you what the general attitude is of most Texans about which of those was the more important event ;^).

  2. IGotBupkis, Three Time Winner of the Silver Sow Award:

    You forgot the confectioner's. Never forget the confectioners.

  3. Marshall Davis:

    You thought there wasn't much lead up to today's 100th for our state? I have actually seen quite a bit about it, though I wasn't closely watching any of it. Fireworks tonight in celebration over the Capitol's new dome ? Or did that already happen?

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