Coyote on TV

Looks like I will be on Fox & Friends at 8:15 EST tomorrow (Wed) to discuss the State of the Union, and specifically the Obama administration and public vs. private investment.  That will make four national TV appearances and 4 entirely different topics (parks, minimum wage, electric car efficiency, and infrastructure investments).  I'm really honing a razor-sharp personal brand.


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Unfortunately, that means you must watch this dismal display, but go get ‘em tomorrow.

    I’m sure there will be a few good jokes (which write themselves) about Warren Buffett’s overtaxed secretary. And be sure to mention the fact that Boehner has pipeline personnel sitting in his box:

  2. Don:

    Break a leg!

    At least you don't have to edit your own copy ;^).

  3. NL_:

    Literally read this post two minutes ago. Watching you now.

  4. Elliot:

    Missed it. Any links to a video?

  5. Barbara S. Meyer:

    That's my boy! My investment in you is paying off. Love, Mom

  6. Tony Hansen:

    Some of the commenters here seem to be... ummm.. not totally unbiased.