The Diamond Age

This is pretty cool

NeverWet Fabrics from Ross Nanotechnology on Vimeo.

Note sure why the video just went private. Check out their web site here: See the second video on the video page, never wet on shoes.


  1. John Anderson:

    Embedded video shows "Private Video - If you have permission to watch this video, please Log in at Vimeo"

  2. DrTorch:

    Saw this at Carpe Diem blog. Great stuff.

    Dug in a litle deeper in the site, and it still looks as if they're trying to get to market. Could be a bona fide "disruptive" technology as they say. I'd thing Clorox is paying attention, and could change Cintas' business model too.

  3. Doug:

    First, they need to make about $1M in campaign donations to the Obama administration. Then in another 3 months, apply to the DOE for a grant under the guise that this product will reduce CO2. After that, government money will come rolling in.

  4. phil e buster:

    Neat video, hope they are successful.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they video went mildly viral, and Vimeo has some daily bandwidth restrictions. This could explain the private lock.

  5. phil e buster:

    Something which surprises me is the chart here showing relative hydrophobic properties.

    Rain-ex is actually a decent product - I always thought it was a scam along with the Duralube zinc oil additive and the Teflon based oil additives both of which actually harm the engine.

  6. IGotBupkis, Sailing the Economic Seas Betwixt Scylla And Charybdis:

    That is pretty cool.

    >>> Rain-ex is actually a decent product

    Yeah, Ive been pretty impressed with it, too. It really does make it so that you nominally don't need to use your windshield wipers in anything except a heavy rain.

  7. Ian Random:

    I think there was a 60 Minutes years ago saying that Rain-ex didn't work, but my brother tried it a few months ago and he said it worked so well he didn't have to use his wipers. I guess the usual applies to anything, apply to a clean surface and let dry between coats.

  8. Maximum Liberty:

    I wonder what happens if you put it on the hull of a ship.


  9. rsm:

    I'd be happy if I could coat my bathroom in the stuff. Cut down on cleaning there...

  10. phil e buster:

    @Maximum, the ship will levitate.

    I wonder if it is clear enough to apply to say windows - to make rain-x obsolete.

    I wonder if it is so hydrophobic that you can even hold the stuff. Must want to just slip right out of the hand.

  11. IGotBupkis, Official Chaneller of the OWS Zeitgist:

    >>> I wonder if it is so hydrophobic that you can even hold the stuff. Must want to just slip right out of the hand.

    I would venture a total guess and assume that the oils in your hand would cause it to bead up, much as if you rubbed your hands with motor oil or petroleum grease, then poured water over them. The water will bead directly up and not really interact with the oil... you generally need either time, dirt, soap, or other things to get oil such as that off your hands.

  12. phil e buster:

    As for Rain-X there is a newer product called Aquapel which is slightly more expensive but doesn't get wiped off with wiper blades. Rain-X works for 2 - 3 weeks, but the silicone doesn't stick that well to the glass. The Aquapel apparently will bind for up to 6 months. I am going to check it out.