Movie Trailer for Academy Award Winner

This has been around a while but it is worth a repost as we approach Oscar film season.


  1. Another guy named Dan:

    Still needs Nazis, foreign accents, and an actor who gained or lost 40 pounds for the role.

  2. Matt:

    To atract a male audiance, they should also add gratuitous explosions.

  3. el coronado:

    and a shot of an LED bomb timer counting down as the gay ex-Delta Force cowboys exchange soulful looks & try to decide which wire to cut: the red or the green. ("We've got to save the herd, Kevin! And the lead female!!") while ultra-dramatic music cranks to an thrilling crescendo. other than that, it's just about perfect.

  4. Nimrod70:

    This is outstanding, and has also previously been effectively explored in a musical/a-capella mode by a group called daVinci's Notebook.

    (Sorry for the live-performance giggling in the background - couldn't be bothered to locate "the album" version).

  5. Mark:

    What is with the at the end. Dead link.

    Interesting that the Britanic, a sister ship to the Titanic, though completely retrofitted, based on the Titanic lesson, sank in less than an hour. It took several hours for Titanic to sink.