Only XKCD could be this geeky.

The problem with going so deeply nerdy is so few people share the humor with you.  I wear this shirt to work out all the time and I can't remember anyone ever getting the joke.



  1. Frankenstein Government:

    You are right. I flunked. Time to surf.

  2. Frankenstein Government:

    Good gawd. I found it on wiki.

  3. Kresh:

    I got the joke. Damned clever, especially the alt text, or is it the mouseover text?

  4. hello123:

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  5. steve:

    Easy peasy. Bet all my coworkers would get them to. But then I guess engineering practically gaurantees nerdiness.

  6. marco73:

    The show Big Bang Theory opened up a whole pile of fans to Schrodingers cat, by relating the theory to the potential relationship between 2 of the show's characters.
    Surprised people at the gym don't think you are a Sheldon Cooper fan.

  7. Mike H:

    I understand that most Americans have never heard of it, and that I live in a bubble, but I find it shocking that not a single person has ever said anything. Schrodinger's cat is reasonable well known, as scientific thought experiments go.

  8. dullgeek:

    Yeah, xkcd is nerdy. But it's market is the internet. Still plenty of people out at the tail end of the distribution that get the joke.

  9. Evil Red Scandi:

    XKCD is just made of awesome.

  10. ParatrooperJJ:

    Got it.

  11. Kip Condor:

    This is a perfect example of why xkcd sucks so hard. There's zero humor or humanity in that panel - its only value lies in stroking nerds' egos by making them feel like they "get" a reference that is obvious to any half-educated person.

    It's so formulaic - think of a word that has a specific technical meaning in science or math or coding, and pretend to apply it in a more mundane context. Toss in a couple of stick figures and hilarity completely fails to ensue. The majority of strips that I recall seeing rely on this simple, lame gimmick.

  12. Hasdrubal:

    I couldn't help but snort this afternoon, having read your comment on the Schrödinger's Cat t-shirt this morning and then running across the line "Erwin Schrödinger meets the Dow" in a link via Marginal Revolution this afternoon:

  13. mishu:

    Occasionally, I need to go here once in a while to get what's going on at xkcd.

    Explain xkcd

  14. astonerii:

    I at least got a tiny bit of the joke. I understodd it was likely a quantum physics joke, but never actually read about the cat before.

  15. happyjuggler0:

    I wouldn't have understood the cat t-shirt until a few months ago, which is when I saw this NOVA episode on Hugh Everett's son (of Eels fame) who sought out some physicists to learn about his father Hugh. The famous "cat experiment" was explained.

  16. sam:

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who grok xkcd and those who don't.

  17. Smock Puppet, Piloting The Economic Seas Betwixt Scilla and Charybdis:

    Bask in the pleasure of knowing that YOU get the joke.

    It's kind of like this check he supposedly wrote -- right down to the entry in the memo field.

    Which is apparently also tied to this situation, wherein I believe Verizon employees failed to grasp the difference between ".002 cents" and ".002 dollars"... Something like that.

  18. Smock Puppet, Piloting The Economic Seas Betwixt Scilla and Charybdis:

    >>> Bask in the pleasure of knowing that YOU get the joke.

    ...and Kip doesn't.

  19. John O.:

    Reminds me of a joke:
    The physicist Werner Heisenberg was driving down the highway when he gets pulled over by a cop. The cop walks over and says, "Hey, buddy, do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg says, "No, but I can tell you where I am."

  20. Sam L.:

    I really liked the Alderaan weather forecast tee.

  21. jay:

    I have this t-shirt.

    VERY few people have commented on it, but occasionally it gets a chuckle

  22. epobirs:

    It's sad that you can graduate high school and not get that joke. Good thing I dropped out to have more time for reading science fiction.

    For those who got the joke, check out 'Quarantine' by Greg Egan. For those who didn't get the joke, check out 'Quarantine' by Greg Egan.