Comment Moderation

As a reminder, I do not moderate comments.  This means that the comments section is entirely an open forum and its contents do not necessarily reflect my opinion on anything.  Just because I leave a comment up does not mean I accept it in any way, since, just to repeat myself, I don't moderate comments.

Cafe Hayek has a nice post that reflects feelings on the subject I mostly agree with,


  1. astonerii:

    That is weird, because I have had some posts disappear after I saw them show up at the bottom.

    I guess there is a time machine or something. I did not repost what I wrote because I thought it was deleted.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Jens Fiederer:

    Leaving yourself open there, Coyote. This is my chance to show the world just how much of an idiot I am!

    On second thought, maybe your policy won't have much of an effect on my posts, any idiocy you see is not a result of conscious trying.

  3. Don:

    Ha! Hell, Warren, you don't even respond! ;^)

  4. CT_Yankee:

    So no comment, no matter how stupid or ignorant, will be deleted? This is the perfect spot to point out that Obama is doing a heck of a job and the country desperately needs his leadership for another term!

  5. baloneyinaltoona:

    You must have been on the drone fly list to come up with that ass kiss statement.You are now pardoned,and can proceed with your stupidity and ignorance.

  6. Earle Williams:


    Best get your sarcasm detector calibrated. I do believe the yank was trying to be clever. :-)