This Guy Has Some Skills


  1. morganovich:

    have you seen this one?

    "way back home"?

  2. Arthur Felter:

    It's like Gymkhana on a bike...


  3. Orion:

    I suggest building freeride mountain bike terrain parks in your campgrounds. Sure, the liability would be big, but it can be done.

  4. caseyboy:

    Amazing what one has time to learn when covered by 99 weeks of unemployment compensation.

  5. Henry Bowman:

    The guy is amazing, for sure. There are lots of kids working on such stuff these days. Here is Max Schulze, my next-door neighbor, but on a unicycle rather than a bicycle.

  6. Maddog:

    I first saw this video over here:

    If you liked the video above you might like the hexacopter in Cameroon video as well. It uses a GoPro video camera which I have and love. HD video from a small camera and it comes with a waterproof case.

    Go watch you won't be disappointed.

    Mark Sherman

  7. Scott:

    I hope he wears a cup for those hard landings.

  8. DK:

    The force of some of those landings, and the relative lack of pounding shown by the rider and bike (the bike doesn't even have shocks, just air in tires!), make me wonder if this is video fakery. The landings should be more violent.

  9. jared:

    @DK: no fakery; the rider's mass and the bike's mass are each propelled out lateral to the direction of impact, and in opposite directions. By landing on the rear wheel and using his body to damp the drop of the front wheel, he effectively gives the bike a huge amount of liquid-damped suspension travel (just no springs). Sort of like an air bag, except it's reusable because he can just pull the front end up again.

    Amazing riding, of course, but the camera/editing work is also awesome. The shot of the tires on the loose rope...yeesh.

  10. hedberg:

    Yeah, I'm sure there is some skillful bicycle riding going on, but what we see as amazing bicycle riding is actually very skillful video editing. There may be a lot of blue screen involved.

  11. Jim Furey:

    @hedberg: Having been in the the cycling industry for 18+ years now and having personally seen many events with similar trials obstacles I can say that the only 'blue screen' involved in that video was the sky, and the video editing done would only be to skip past any failed attempts at various stunts or tricks the rider was attempting. It is truly amazing what riders are capable of willing to do these days compared to even just a few years ago. Add to that modern filming techniques with HD, high-speed, and incredibly inventive mobile camera rigs, you end up with beautiful films such as the one Warren linked to.

    @coyote: @orion's suggestion isn't a bad idea if any of your locations are close to strong mountain bike communities. Boulder, CO has recently opened the Valmont Bike Park to rave reviews and huge ridership of all ability levels. I do believe it was built on publicly owned land though I don't have any idea what the liability risk is.

  12. Old Man:

    While I did enjoy the beautiful photography, and the amazing stunts, I am more moved by the idled iron works. I see the potential to build and create amazing durable things from iron and steel-it has all turned to rust being used for amusement rather than production.

  13. Orion:

    No blue screen-Macaskill is legit. Editing is only done to make a nice montage.

  14. Mikito Ohara:

    Nice video, does it undergo intense video editing?

    Video Editor Perth