Could Anyone Hope For A Better Epitaph?


  1. Zeeb:

    That phrase is all sorts of superhero!

  2. bob sykes:

    Dr. Ruth was a sniper in the IDF.

  3. morganovich:

    i'm holding out for "in a world of ill tempered sea bass, he was a shark with frickin laser beams"

  4. el coronado:

    "89-year-old bank robber dies in shootout with police after a high-speed 100-mile chase in a stolen ferrari, leaves behind 3 pregnant 19-year-old girlfriends and millions in credit card debt and unpaid casino markers."

    OK, technically the "girlfriends" would probably be more like "independent contractors", but still. beats checking out in a nursing home, wearing a diaper.

  5. Pat:

    Now that's a "real hero" .... a "real person" who did the impossible, against terrible odds, against a ruthless enemy, all voluntarily. I would bet, if she had kids ... the boys would be "Frogmen". This person was definitely "legendary". I would have loved to have known her.

  6. George Edwards:

    I was born too late!

  7. Zach:

    A real life Inglorious Basterd.

    "Say 'auf wiedersehen' to your Nazi balls."