To Think I Used to be a Law and Order Conservative

It is absolutely frightening that the state arms and empowers officers like this.


  1. Dr. T:

    I'm still a law-and-order conservative. I expect people in the USA to obey sensible laws that don't violate the Constitution. Law enforcement officers and district attorneys are people, which means that to remain a law-and-order conservative I have to oppose the majority of police forces and DA offices in the USA, since they violate more laws on a regular basis than anyone except fulltime criminals.

  2. John Moore:

    As another law and order conservative, I have to ask - what the hell do you plan to use to replace the police?

    There will always be lousy cops, but do you have an alternative?

    Yeah, I know, too many things are illegal. But you still gotta have the cops, they're gonna have guns, and some of them will be idiots or just have a bad day.

  3. xenophon:

    Wow! Law and Order sounds great until it's visited upon you. At this stage of the collapse of USA I think it's safe to regard Law Enforcement as "Blue" Shirts. They're in training for the comming inferno when everything breaks down. Katrina was really good practice. This guy is lucky he isn't dead. Is it not yet time to move to gun friendly states? Or states that allow photography. Just a week or so ago a person was arrested in Newport (RI, where I live) for videotaping a police incident. They don't want you to have any evidence of their malfeasance. I'm curious as to how this dashboard cam survived. Most times they end up erased or lost!

  4. Slocum:

    As another law and order conservative, I have to ask – what the hell do you plan to use to replace the police?

    Nobody wants to replace police and DAs -- we want to restrain them from abusing their power (which, it is becoming clear, they do blatantly and routinely). We want it to be made absolutely clear that, for example, videotaping police officers performing their duties is completely legal, and that any action on the part of police to interfere with citizens who are videotaping or confiscate cameras will not only result in dismissal from the force -- it will result in criminal prosecution. We want all interrogations to be videotaped all the time, no exceptions, and all police lineups to conform strictly to best practices (instead of subtly -- or not so subtly -- tipping off the victim about which person to choose).

    In general, the state power to arrest, imprison (and even shoot to kill) on the part of police and prosecutors is an awesome power and the abuse of it should considered a serious crime rather than what we have now, which is typically, the abusive officers get a paid vacation while the police conduct a BS investigation and, inevitably, clear the officers of any wrongdoing.

  5. Shane:

    The thing that pisses me off is that this fucking piece of shit cop gives other cops bad reputations. I lived in downtown Phoenix for years and, the cops were decent and good. I saw a lot of shit and when that shit was truly a problem I called them and they came and they came quickly. Having lived in the suburbs most of my life I was not impressed with cops, but the downtown cops gave me hope that power trips weren't normal in the police. The only time I had problems with cops downtown is when the power trippers would come to the main precinct and on their way out they would try to make trouble for the locals. That usually didn't turn out well for them. I am so pissed. This cop isn't any better than the scum I bounced out of bars. I had to turn off the video I was soooooo pisssed. Meh the good news is that they are recording these stops now. I hope that they can weed out the power hungry scum that gravitates toward police work.

  6. John Moore:

    Slocum - I doubt you will find any sane person that will disagree with that.

    However, the issue is what the heck to do about it.

    I agree with all of your points, btw.

  7. Che is dead:

    To Think I Used to be a Law and Order Conservative

    Yeah, because in your libertarian fantasy land no cop will ever act out. And if he did, well, that would just be all the proof needed that libertarianism is bullshit.

    Missed your post on this cop: Open Carry In Oceanside How dare the state empower cops like this guy. Fucking "blue shirt".