This is Really Wrong

Courtesy of the Doublethink blog, comes something really, really wrong.  A cross between My Little Pony and Serenity.  Eek.


  1. LoneSnark:

    Well seems I must now watch my little pony...

  2. John:

    I HAVE to link this.

  3. Sam:

    There are lots of these MLP crossovers on youtube... admittedly, this one is well above average in execution.

    Watchponies is another pretty good one.

  4. Trapper_John:

    If by "wrong" you really mean "awesome", then yes, this is totally freaking wrong.

  5. BlogDog:


  6. TxJim:

    Happy there was no reference to Jayne's famous line - "I'll be in my bunk." That would have crossed the line.