I Would Have To Be Pretty Hungry To Hit This Vending Machine

Seen recently in an airport, but unfortunately I have been to so many I can't remember which one.  Sacramento, maybe?


  1. TJIC:

    "I'd hit that" has a very precise meaning: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=i'd+hit+that

    The juxtaposition of that phrase and fast food reminds me that a few years back McDonalds used the phrase is some billboard ads, hilariously getting the meaning wrong, prompting a rebuttal youtube video of some guy explaining - in gruesome detail - that'd TOTALLY be into having sex with a Big Mac.

    I refuse to google for any of this...but trust me, it's out there.

  2. GB:

    Awesome. Would love to put these at farmers markets and watch the hippy fits.

  3. Joel:

    When I was in grad school, I ate much worse things out of vending machines.

  4. Noah:

    Looks pretty good to someone who has worked third shift in a factory in the middle of nowhere.

  5. Craig:

    "When I was in grad school, I ate much worse things out of vending machines."

    As they say these days, LOL. I drank so much vending machine coffee in college that, to this day, "gourmet coffee" is no better to me than instant.

    But, after flying no-frills these days, I'd wager you'd be so hungry that a Tyson sandwich would look mighty good.

  6. David Y:

    SMF (Sacramento) is my home airport. I have not seen this vending machine, and frankly would be shocked if one were ever installed here (there is one in the Salt Lake City airport). We have plenty of good food options (2 Vino Volo's since we're surrounded by wine country, Gordon Biersch, etc--and lots more options in the soon-to-open new Terminal B) and the airport is so easy to get into/out of that one would really have to be desperate to resort to this kind of solution. Then again, who knows? Maybe this is the model of the future. Hormones aside, it's still likely healthier than a Pop-Tart or candy bar. The market will decide (just please don't tell me it's subsidized...)

  7. Eric H:

    Ever been to Dugway, Utah? That would look pretty good. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  8. d-day:

    I don't know whether I want to buy/eat something from the machine because I actually want to eat it or because of the humor value in eating it in front of people. All I know is, when these machines come to Scottsdale, I am THERE.

  9. Breakout Theory:

    That's terrible. You wonder why we as a nation have some serious health issues. This my friend, is the negative repercussions of capitalism.