Book Recommendation

Last week I asked readers to help me remember the name of a science fiction book centered around an OCD man who has to carefully follow a specific routine or else reality unravels, an event that leaves the world subtly, or sometimes not so subtly, changed.

The book is called Resonance, and I re-read it this weekend.  I had forgotten a lot of it but it really is a terrific, under-hyped book.  There is real suspense as the unraveling of the world accelerates and our hero starts to better understand exactly what is going on.  What I enjoyed the most was how there were two people in the book who had special, err, powers but who initially totally interpreted what these powers were or how they worked.

I have never seen a paperback version of it, but commenters tell me you can find it in the Baen free library (if so, that is a screaming deal because this is a pretty good book) and it is available on the Kindle.


  1. Chris L:

    I read it last weekend based on your recommendation. It was very good. For anyone thinking about reading it, I think the book would have been better if I had not read the summary on the Baen site first. Just skip straight to the first chapter.


  2. DrTorch:

    Here's another recommendation, much shorter:
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  3. Bryan:

    For anyone who is wondering, the Baen Free Library is an online site maintained by the publishing house Baen Books which publishes mainly sci-fi and fantasy.Notable authors include Drake, Weber, Flint, Bujold, and Ringo.

    The free library offers perhaps a hundred books for free to readers. No strings attached. Baen feels that the extra exposure that authors get through free advertising more than makes up for lost sales. Participation by the authors is strictly voluntary.

    Read more here.

  4. a leap at the wheel:

    "Baen feels that the extra exposure that authors get through free advertising more than makes up for lost sales."
    Since I got a kindle, this is 100% true. They'll even email the book to my Kindle from the page.

    Here's the direct link:

  5. Bagley:

    If you enjoyed this book, may I recommend a movie: Dark City.

    Here is the IMDB:

    Similar circumstances to the book.