Lost Everything in My Feed Reader

Google is doing some sort of consolidation of Google apps accounts with other Google accounts.  Apparently, in the process I lost almost all of my Google accounts.  This means I lost all my feeds in Google Reader and I somehow have to rebuild the list, which likely will delay blogging for a while.

Update:  I got it transferred, but it was a Kluge and all my starred posts I was saving to blog on are gone.  I will try to see if those are recoverable, but my sense is that they are not.

Update #2: OK, I was wrong.  I got all my starred items.  What I did was go into the old Google Reader account (it exists with a special temp ID) and set up the sharing to make my starred items public.  I then sent myself a link to those items, which I could then add as a feed to my new feed reader account.  So now my old starred items show up as a feed in my new reader.  I am sure the temp account will go away at some point, but I figure a way to preserve them or else at least blog on them before they are lost.


  1. Foxfier:

    .... Noted, not signing up for that, either.


  2. DHL:

    Google has always been demanding, but they have recently become quite intrusive and even more unresponsive to their customer's needs.

    As a libertarian, how do you justify using their services?

  3. Larry Sheldon:

    I see a market for PERL-literate PFYs to write scrpts to save to CD or DVD all of a blogger's family jewels.

    I am sorry to say I am none of the above.

  4. Don:

    Yeah, got the Grand Google Unification staring me in the face now too. That's why I've avoided using anything I couldn't backup (e.g. mail and voice).

  5. opit:

    Ouch. I lost post content on 2 pages over the past month or so while doing revisions/updates.That's supposedly what this update is supposed to help if you check the Blogger blog.
    I wonder if you can 'patch' missing content via share on Google Reader. I'm posting RSS updates from onlin aggregators today. So far the closest I've come to opening up Reader is to use feedly.

  6. Jonathan:

    You might want to check out Evernote and ifttt. I'm not affiliated with either one, just a happy user of both.

    Evernote is a "note" taking application, although that sort of undersells it. You can save files, webpages, documents, graphics, etc. Text in images is automatically OCRed, and everything I'd searchable. Evernote offers free accounts that let you upload 100 MB/month, or for $45/year you get 1 GB/month. Your account is backed up on your computer, so even if they disappear your data won't.

    ifttt.com is a web service that lets you tie different things together. For example, I have it automatically save my starred and shared items from Google Reader to my Evernote account. Or you could have it call you every time someone tags a tweet with #rrm. Or just because the weather is nice.

    I can send you an invite for ifttt. And I might have some special invites for Evernote that give you a few free months at the 1 GB level.

  7. Hunt Johnsen:

    Ann Althouse lost her blog for a while and had a hell of a time getting it back up. Some Blogger asshat gave her a really hard time and then tried to cover it up.

  8. Foxfier:

    Mrs. Althouse still doesn't have her blog back all the way. And "nitecruzr" (the-- apparent-- volunteer with mod powers) didn't just give her a hard time, he taunted her, deleted his posts on it, flagged the accounts of those who criticized him for his behavior, accused her of having a spam-blog... and it's all being covered for by Google. >.<