Keynes v. Hayek, Round 2

Update: This is a three-part series on Hayek boom and bust basics by Lawrence White, built around he original rap video;


  1. Nick S.:

    It's a lot catchier than the last one.

  2. Bryan:

    I think I liked the last one a little bit better, but this was still very good.

    The producers make some pretty subtle comments there at the end of the film.

    In the boxing match, Keynes gets knocked down, but the ref still calls him the winner.

    In the committee hearing, when people are coming forward to shake hands, all the media and old bald guys in suits are crowding around Keynes while Hayek gets a crowd that looks younger and somehow 'less big busines' with no media in it at all .

  3. Chris K.:

    I liked this, I'm such a nerd.

  4. Mesa Econoguy:

    This might have worked better as a prog-rock concept album track.

    Good progression in the chorus, could have thrown in a "The Trees"-like interlude in the middle, would've broken it up a bit.

    Also needs a guitar solo.