Book Update

I had a nice Instalanche this morning on my post about the 99-cent price point on the Amazon Kindle for my book BMOC.  I also got a bit of attention at the KindleBoards forum.  So my book is nosing into the top 500 on Kindle, but until my kid noticed I did not see the other topical rankings:

LOL, #1 in Books>Entertainment>Humor>Laywers.  #2 on the same but for business.  Whole new niches beckon!  (Actually, these categories kind of make sense, though I am not sure who chose them --  I am not sure I did).

One Comment

  1. Matthew Brown:

    There's probably an automated component in it somewhere, and possibly some Mechanical Turk -- (i.e. Amazon's paid piecework architecture; categorizing books based on their summaries is a perfect use of that).

    Anyway, very good news!