Trick Memory

I would have sworn I hated the whole Duran Duran catalog, but I was watching this video (because a friend of mine did the costumes, including the wedding dress) and I must say its not a bad song.  So my apologies to Duran Duran.

By the way, my friend said that I would be surprised how many women later wanted to get married in exactly this dress.

Also, speaking of music videos, if you have never seen the Hugh Grant / Drew Barrymore movie Music and Lyrics, the plot is an utterly predictable romantic comedy (with Hugh Grant playing the same guy he always plays) but in the opening scene they nail the 1980's pop music video genre dead on.  I can't embed it but the video is here. You can miss the rest of the movie, but the spoof is genius.


  1. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    Duran Duran did three good songs, offhand -- their "debut" -- Girls On Film -- Their "big hit" -- Hungry Like The Wolf -- and a "90s one-shot" -- Ordinary World.

    Other than that, they were a predictably standardized pop band -- the kind "Pop Muzik" was aimed at making fun of.

    Side Story -- I recall seeing an MTV interview with Taylor and Taylor from DD, along with Robert Palmer, as they promoted their Power Station collaboration. During the interview, on at least two occasions, the interviewer asked Palmer a question, and he started to answer... only to get stepped on as one of the Taylor's horned in and overspoke him. The glare Palmer gave him both times made it clear that band/collaboration didn't have a long lifespan.

  2. Dave:

    "Come Undone" from the same album is a terrific song.

  3. DrTorch:

    I like the spoof better than the DD song. Although I do like Hungry Like the Wolf.

  4. A Friend:

    Embarrassed to know that The Reflex, re-mixed by Nile Rodgers, was actually their first hit. Mostly, their work reminds me that I was an complete idiot in my earlier years. I bet the unedited video of Girls on Film is still good though.

  5. Doug:

    Somewhere, a lamp is missing its shade.

  6. Sam Wah:

    As Doug said--what a silly hat. Maybe a vase?

    The dress is nice, but the BOW! Anyone else have the thought that the new hubby is going to untie the bow and open the present?

  7. markm:

    Sam, yes but what comes next? Plug her in and light up the room!

  8. Bill Lever:

    Fun to see the Huntington Library Gardens in this video. I like the song too.

    I'm no Duran Duran fan, but I liked their remake of Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay". It's searchable on YouTube. I don't think it was the pictures of all the good looking women in their "Lay Lady Lay" video that gave me the favorable opinion, but, then again, it might have been.