Pro Business Not Equal Pro Capitalism

Here is the poster child for 1970's style Republican pro-business anti-capitalism


  1. NL:

    Wow, way to misread the national mood. Not sure he's even heard about the whole tea party thing, but right now the GOP is supposed to be wooing libertarians, not talking down to them. It's like he thinks this is still 2003.

  2. me:

    Actually, what surprises me more is that there are still people who think of Republicans as small-government let's-limit-the-spending people.

    Thanks to those imbeciles, I am paying for a war on drugs I don't need, a war on terror I don't need, banker bonuses for those who made ludicrously bad investment decisions, millions of mcmansions I have no stake in and an agency devoted to security theater and fondling underage kids genitalia. Wow. Good thing they don't let me invest my hard earned money in my own business, no telling what could go wrong with that.

    (And yes, Democrats are just as bad)

  3. Henry Bowman:

    Politicians in Mississippi have been in favor of big government, at least on the state level, since Jefferson Davis' times. It is one of the many reasons that the state is economically very poor, and has been for a long, long time.