Don't Know How I Ran Into This...

Some surfing around on YouTube led me to this seemingly odd combo -- Slash playing with Chic on their song "le Freak."  Slash comes out about half way.


  1. Xmas:

    Slash just loves to play guitar. He did some work Michael Jackson too.

  2. TJIC:


    I feel like I should despise him, but I sorta like Slash.

    Cool find!

  3. perlhaqr:

    Wow. And I thought most EDM was really repetitive. Daaaang.

  4. me:

    Nice :)

    Oddly enough, came with a "Christian Singles" dating overlay courtesy of youtube.

  5. A Friend:

    This and the Black Eyed Peas. He'll do anything.

  6. Don:

    You know, if they'd have done that in the original, I might not have hated Disco so dang much ;^).

  7. David Zetland:

    Reddit did that to you.